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Hengyang CNSG Tianyou Chemical Co.,Ltd. is restructured by former Hengyang CNSG Tianyou Chemical Co.,Ltd of China Nuclear Industrial Group and Hunan YongLi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd of China Salt Group in Dec.2009, Registered capital is RMB100000000, about USD1.52 million. And Hunan YongLi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd has 68% share,China Nuclear industrial Group has 32% share.Consisting 6 produce plant(titanium dioxide plant,sulfuric acid plant,water treatment chemical plant ,
Protease plant,power plant, Environmental Treatment Plant) and 8 departments.Our main products are titanium dioxide,sulfuric acid,water treatment chemicals ,Protease and so on,we are trying to build the ICCE OF titanium ,sulfur,Iron.The Rutile grade of Tianyou Brand Titanium Dioxide TYR231,TYR232,TYR272 have been widely used in coating, plastic, ink and paper covering America, Europe, Middle East and south-Asia.And we have 2 National patent .....
ADD: Dongyangdu Hengyang City Hunan
P.C.:  421002
TEL:  +86-734-2641809,2641808
FAX:  +86-734-2641809,2641808
Copyright(C)2007, Hengyang CNSG Tianyou Chemical Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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