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Quality is the life of enterprise, the base of survival and development. We have been laid emphasises on the improvement of quality,the setting up and perfecting of strict quality guarantee system.

The production followed the internatoinal standard. Whatever the material purchase,quality testing,package,transportation or after-sale service followed filed management.

We earned ISO9002 quality certificate in 1998 firstly in this field, and earned the certificate in 2000 for the second time,And we are certified by ISO9001-2008 in 2010. The quality guarantee system has been improved continuously.

Our ferric sulphate was certified by NSF.This is an international certification,it means that the quality of our ferric sulphate is high,it can be used in drinking water treatment safely,and also in other water treatment .

we are continuously improving our management level and making all efforts to provide high quality titanium dioxide,ferric sulphate,sulphur acid for our cunstomers.

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